Gmail Attachment Limit

Most of the free web-mail services allow users to send medium size files that can be attached to the text email. The service provider define itself the size and volume of the data that could be attached. Today’s most of the official communication is email based, even some virtual office platform operates only using emails as a means for frequent communication between employee and employers.


The file limitation sometimes block your message that could be delivered on time but drive feature will let you attach the file and share with your friends. Initially the Gmail drive will provide you 15 GB of space completely free where you can upload many file types of files, mainly most people use it for text document and image storage. Check your Gmail attachment limit by yourself.

Steps to attach and share files in Gmail:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account and open compose window.
  2. At the bottom of the same window you can see the paperclip sign, this icon represented there for attaching extra files to the same email message.
  3. Once you clicked on the icon, the new pop up window will appear, select the files you are going to send.
  4. Here comes the point where you might get stuck, you can upload the file size up to 25 megabits, if you file size exceeds the limit then the message could not be sent.
  5. The next option that you can do here is use the Google drive, open your Gmail account and go for ‘drive’.
  6. Upload the file and make a list of similar file which you are trying to share with someone else from your friend list.
  7. On the home page of Gmail drive, at the top right side there is ‘share’ button, click on that to proceed further.
  8. At this point you can see the new window, where you have to find the person from your friend list and select it. If the person is not available in your friend list then you can search him by entering his/him email address.
  9. Once you find the person click ‘share’ and it’s done. On Google sharing platform you can edit and comment on the file from both side.

15 GB is the Gmail attachment limit. If in case that is not enough, then there is Google Drive.

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Boomerang for

The traditional approach of web mailing services are continuously evolving, not only the service providers is solely dedicated towards the development of features but other third party companies also developing small pieces of programs that can add extra layer of service utility in the main program. Boomerang is third party plugin that we can use in Gmail, as well as others to add to more functionality such as mail scheduling, reminders etc. Boomerang works on both Google apps account and Gmail; it is also available on other browsers as well such as safari, Firefox etc.


Boomerang Gmail enables the scheduling of the email messages, just write down the message content and pick up the date when it should be send. The feature is also available on some email client such as Microsoft outlook. Once you installed this plugin in your web browser or Gmail, you can see the separate button representing boomerang. Inside boomerang there are list of actions that you can use to manipulate and organize our mailing activities. There are exist inbuilt time templates and further you can also customize the time period according to your requirement. Boomerang main purpose is time management across the different process within the whole webmail service. It establishes the time awareness or quantum method which helps us to access our given services inside particular time frameworks.

Another great feature of boomerang Gmail is that it offers reminders in many variables, such as birthdays, bill deadline, travel etc. the reminder feature also alert when you had forgotten some emails to reply. It will track your every email on timely basis and manage them according the user priority, especially the marketing email that you had subscribed for informational purpose. Within this it will notify you when a new lead appears. The boomerang is completely free for the fixed number of emails messages but if are looking for some bigger or corporate email then you can go for the premium packages. On other hand we can say that boomerang is the missing part of that completes all real time necessary features for the complete webmail package. Other Gmail apps include Gmail notifier, etc.

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Change Gmail Themes & Overall Look

Account personalisation is one of the growing features of anything internet related things. It is not only just growing, it is rocketing. is one of the best example for this. Gmail users are able to personalize their account according to their need. After you log in to your gmail account, you can change  the display density, change gmail themes, change pictures, etc for your own modification.


Choose from wide range of themes and change Gmail themes for fun and your comfort. Talking about display density, there are total number of 3 types i.e. Comfort, Cozy and Compact. What these 3 options do is change the compactness of the screen. Starting from Comfort i.e. wide-spread screen. The default display density of gmai is Cozy. You can change this by clicking on the from the topmost right hand side of the Gmail homepage.

Now moving on to themes, you can choose and change gmail themes from wide range of options available. This will change the overall look and visibility of your Gmail screen.

How to Change Gmail Themes?

  1. First thing first, go to
  2. Sign in to your Gmail account with your Username and Password.
  3. Click on the gear button from the top right hand side of the screen.
  4. Click Settings for Gmail settings. Choose Themes.
  5. Alternatively, you can directly go to Themes.
  6. Now you choose from 4 different options i.e. Color Themes, HD Themes, Custom Themes and Classic Themes.
  7. Click any one of the theme you want to choose. Wait for a moment while Gmail is saving the theme.
  8. Now you can see the instant change happening on your Gmail profile.

These are the basic steps of changing Gmail themes. is the direct link for Themes settings. If you want to learn more about that, click on Learn more link.

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Gmail POP3 Settings allows its user to select appropriate protocol according to their purpose; IMAP and POP are used to store and receive the email data into local machine. That means using email clients available in our PC we can view our messages and file offline as well. In windows platform Microsoft outlook, thunderbird are such programs. Enable in settings will let your email client store the necessary file in your computer for later use, or if you are not there at the time of receiving you can still check that message when you are offline.


Steps To Configure Gmail POP3 Settings:

  • First is to access the Gmail pop3 server, open your web browser and enter ‘, it will redirect you with its login interface.
  • Enter you Google username and passwords (username:, which would be your Gmail pop username and password.
  • Then enter the Gmail pop port number exactly ‘995’(it might vary according to Google update in settings).
  • Select TSL/SSL and put yes under the required options
  • Click update or save for the completion of process.

The alternative of POP is Gmail IMAP, which also surf the same purpose of download email messages. The POP is only capable of one way communication with the other ends, also pop is little tricky with multiple devices. The number 3 represent the version of POP and fulfill the basic requirements like download and delete message files. The security is also good in Gmail POP3 because it locks the email client program from unauthorized access. It offers the authentication process in three different ways; the first step is authentication from local windows, second is active directory integrated authentication and third is encrypted password file authentication.

To know more about Gmail POP3 and other settings, go to Gmail help or support section. You can even refer to other articles from this website itself.

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Gmail Typo Errors is free advertising email service which is provided by Google Inc. It is available in 70+ languages. There are more than 450 million Gmail users currently. The site is #146 in the global ranking of the site according to and it is ranked #149 in the United States alone.

People make mistakes while going to a particular site i.e. spelling mistakes and others. This type of error or mistake is known as typo errors. Even the regular users or best typist make mistakes. Typo errors include spelling mistakes, spacing, domain extension errors, etc.

One of the common typo errors of is gmai. People either go to the website directly from the web-browser i.e. by typing the web-address or they just search on the Google for the website.

Typo Errors of

gmail gmail
gmail.cmo m
gma il
g mai
gmail.c om
gmail.c0m com
www.g mail
gmail l

These are the list of common gmail typo errors made by the users. Those without .com are the ones which are mistaken while searching in the search-engines like,, etc. And those with .ext such as gmail.cin, gmail.comj are the domain errors.


The image is the screenshot of the Search Traffic & Top keywords from search engines. You can see other than, all the other top keywords are typo errors. Even those typo errors are gaining the traffic. If you have any problems regarding, go to Gmail help center.

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Gmail Correo Electronico Sesion is one of the best email service provider in current days. It is provided by Google Inc. Another unique thing about g mail is that it is only free advertising-supported email service. It is available in 70+ languages with more than 450 million active users.

Another reason why is such a popular email service provider is that, it is available in multiple languages. Basically every Google services are multilingual. So is gmai. Gmail Correo is the most viewed and used version of The translation to the word ‘correo’ is ‘email’ in English. Correo is a Spanish word for Email. Spanish language is one of the top 5 most spoken language in all over the world. Gmail Posta is for Italian version of Gmail.

gmail_correo is offered in espanol, espana, catala, galego. That makes it 4 different languages under Spanish language. When you go to the address, you will see a Gmail login page. If you have not logged in to any gmail account before, that is. But if you already signed in to any of your gmail account, you will be taken to your Gmail account.

Login with Gmail Correo:

  1. Open your web-browser.
  2. Go to
  3. You will be taken to Inicio de sesion page.
  4. Enter your username on the Correo electronico field.
  5. Hit the Iniciar sesion button to proceed.
  6. Tick the “No cerrar sesion” box if you want to save your Gmail login credentials for future log-ins.
  7. Click on the Necesitas ayuda link if you have forgot your Gmail username or password.

This is how sign in for Gmail correo. If you do not want in Spanish language, scroll down to the bottom of the Gmail login page. Click on the Espanol(Espana) drop-down arrow. Choose any of the other languages that you want. Wait a while till the page loads.

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